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Saphirrohre / Saphirstäbe

Sapphire tubes / sapphire rods

SaphTec specializes in pipes and rods made of sapphire glass for various applications. Because of our know-how, we can offer sapphire tubes up to a diameter of 50 mm and a length of 650 mm and sapphire rods up to a diameter of 25 mm and a length of 450 mm.

Depending on your needs and your requirement you can choose from different processing stages:

Processing options and tolerances

  • cultured ±0,2 mm
  • ground ±0.1 mm / ±0.05 mm
  • polished ±0.1 mm / ±0.05 mm

Surface roughness

  • ground Ra < 1.6 μmm
  • polished Ra < 0.1 μmm

Tubes and rods made of sapphire glass are very versatile. Often these are used in the semiconductor industry, light emitting diodes as protection tubes for thermocouples, as a light guide for medical and many other applications.